Top 3 Spring Cleaning Tips for 2022

It’s about that time of year where we can catch some sun rays in our own backyards. But we wouldn’t want to lounge on a messy patio or rest in the yard when we know we still haven’t done our spring cleaning. So if you’re like many loved ones I know and are only getting to your spring cleaning now in late May of 2022, then I compiled some tips for you that I collected from friends and my own experience that are tailored for spring cleaning in 2022.

I hope you get inspired, learn something and most importantly enjoy your spring! Now enjoy these top tips.

Top Spring Cleaning Tip #1: Start off with an assessment of your whole property or properties that need spring cleaning, and write a checklist of things you need to get done. This strategy of making a plan first makes things more efficient. If you just start by tackling the first thing in mind, you might realize you could’ve saved hours of time if you had only began one project instead of another or did things in a different order.

So tip #1 is all about being aware of what needs to get done and spending the time to think and plan before jumping right ahead. Especially in 2022 where you might be eager to get things refreshed, it’s important to take your time and and think ahead. Try using a free online calendar to schedule your tasks over a span of several days at the least, if you don’t already have a calendar at home. I also found that a journal or a planner can help you organize your cleaning projects. It’s amazing how much time you can save when you’re well prepared, for this time also allows you to gather all the tools and products you’ll need for various tasks.

Top Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Once you have your game plan, start with the most difficult thing, so long as it doesn’t impede you from doing the other things on your list. Say, for example, my friend’s aunt needed crawl space mould removal service in late April and since this was the hardest thing on the list of all her chores she did it first. By getting the hardest thing done first, you make the whole experience more enjoyable because the work that could be considered more fun is left for last and you don’t have to work knowing you saved the hardest thing for last. But like all the tips here, it’s not necessary, only here to improve your spring cleaning if you wish to use it.

Top Spring Cleaning Tip #3: While you’re actually cleaning and knocking off all the chores on your list, keep reminding yourself why you’re doing this and how you plan to enjoy your space as the weather continues to get sunnier. When I was cleaning my back patio, for example, I thought of how this spring could be the perfect opportunity to reacquaint with old friends I haven’t seen in several years by organizing a BBQ.

Some people do a large cleaning session in spring time purely for the results of cleanliness, but I like to look at is as trimming the fat of winter for summertime fun and festivity. While cleaning you also have the ability to ponder on things, so it can also help to motivate you to get more cleaning done when you remind yourself why you’re cleaning and how much fun you’re going to have in the summer.

These were my top 3 tips for spring cleaning in 2022. I hope you found them useful and make great progress on your projects this long weekend. Thanks for reading and check back on the Rezonord blog for more.