Our 2022 Goals and Resolutions

Are you as excited as we are for another New Year? We hope so, because we’re super excited!

Our goals for the New Year are as follows:

  1. Make our blog more informative
  2. Get new cars
  3. Upgrade our wardrobe
  4. Donate to more charities
  5. Volunteer at community events

At Rezonord, these are just some of the cool things we look forward to accomplishing in 2022. What are your goals?

Happy Halloween from Rezonord!

Today we just want to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween weekend. It’s Friday night in North America and the ghouls and ghosts are lurking, but so is Covid so remember to stay safe!

We’ll be back soon with more…..

Winter-proofing Your Home, Why It’s Important

It’s 2021, and the weather is more unpredictable than ever. People are stuck in their homes around the world, whether from government lockdown mandates or bad weather itself. In parts of the world, electric grids are down. Who knows? Your electricity might go out this winter? If it does, what will you do about it?

Let me tell you what I’m doing about it ahead of time, in Vancouver BC. I’m winter-proofing my home, renovating for better insulation, installing several new fireplaces, strengthening the foundation with masonry. I’ll be ready – but will you? – when electricity goes out this winter…

Even if it’s on Christmas day when the electricity goes out, we’ll be prepared like true classical liberals, not needing any help from the government, when we use our chopped wood to keep the house warm and open our presents around the firelight. We’ll be eating smoked meat. Reading poetry in our winter-proof home. Safe and secure. What about you?

The meek will inherit the earth. I always thought that meant the people who know how to survive without government assistance will be the last ones standing when Hell breaks loose and winter hits the fan.

When the roads are frozen and the stores close early, will you have enough to survive? Or will you do what every progressive will probably do and call 911 on their phones with low batteries just to be put on hold? I’m telling you it’s important to winter-proof your home, because the government isn’t going to do it for you.

This leaves me to share an anonymous quote: “If you can take a precaution and it doesn’t hurt you, it may hurt you not to take it.”

Good luck out there. Winter is coming.

The Simple Things

Today I wanted to sit back and reflect on the simple things in life. Living in the world, after all, can get complex so it’s easy to take the small stuff for granted. Perhaps there are areas of your life that are so blessed yet so simple you never notice. By taking the time to intentionally be grateful for the positive nuances in your environment you can expand your outlook to be much more positive in general.

This is what I have been doing this morning and I’m so glad I did. Let this be a cordial memento, and before I finished I want to share 5 things I am grateful for today but previously took for granted.

  1. The clean water in my city
  2. The smell of rain
  3. The dedication of emergency response teams
  4. My neighbor’s adorable cat
  5. The sweetness in my toothpaste

Welcome to our new and improved blog


New Management

We’re excited to announce to recreation of Rezonord Blog, a place where readers can indulge in a wide variety of topics. We enjoy exploring the more important part of every day life ion Western civilization, and look forward to exploring deep truths in human nature in more depth than any other blog had gone before.

Take the time to get used to our new set up at Rezonord.net.

We’re excited for change, and hope you are too.

Check back soon for updates.